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Need a new logo? Or to breathe some life into your existing brand?
Perhaps a full corporate branding with all the bells, whistles, oh and signage, vehicle livery, merchandise...
That's what we're here for, attention to detail and a passion for doing things properly.

Please call 01743 246882 to discuss your brand.


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Having shoe-horned many an essay into a branded 4cm by 2 column advert, and run poster campaigns for everything from selling bacon to attracting a crowd for street performance, we can't wait to add your business to our repertoire. Social media can feel daunting and there will be times when you are lost for words, we hold a mirror up to your finest attributes and help you to attract the right kind of attention.

We love a #tightcharactercount - keep it short and sweet - spread the word like wildfire!

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We have designed detailed, priced, full range product catalogues, carefully replicated in a dozen languages (and currencies!)
We have turned 300 page directories around in record time.
We have produced 120 page 'images set to scale' auction manuals within a fortnight.

We transform dated, cramped catalogues into coffee-table-worthy sales tools, which will raise the bar for your business.

Please browse our catalogue of catalogues >


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With so many beautiful finishes available, our biggest challenge is narrowing down the ideas for your brochure. Whether small and perfectly formed leaflets, or elaborately constructed coffee-table brochures, all are equally important to us. Many companies are returning to the use of printed material to enhance their marketing presence, leaving a tangible calling-card with your potential customers after an important meeting can make all the difference.

Once the design is complete, it also becomes a very useful downloadable document to add to your website. 

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Well who wouldn't relish the opportunity to colour in a lorry - or ten? 
Company vehicles are your largest, most mobile, permanent advertising space, use them with style!
We have spent many happy hours fastidiously applying branding and call-to-action graphics to lorries, vans, cars, vintage race cars,
boats and even a motorhome and are never afraid to try out new ways of attracting attention to your brand on the move.

Please call us on 01743 246882 to discuss your vehicle livery requirements.


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Simply give us your dates, stand size and target audience and we'll make every valuable inch and moment count. You name it: pull-up banners, 3x3 pop-ups, floaty sail flags, printed giveaways including lovely little wooden spinning tops, pens, bags, branded chocolates, mugs, keyrings, umbrellas, gillets, polo shirts, t-shirts, USB sticks, diaries, hard hats, we have produced them all, and we love a challenge, so if your corporate gift idea is left of field, come to us...

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There's something immensely satisfying about walking past a building emblazoned with artwork we have had in the studio.
We design shopfronts and business signage for many of our clients, always taking into account the style and age of the
building and its surroundings when planning the mazimum impact we can offer for your brand. 

When it comes to promoting your messages clearly across buildings, billboards and hoardings, we think the bigger the better.
You set the challenge and we'll exceed your expectations. Let's stand well back and harness the view!


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Perhaps it is the eclectic mix of talents which makes our team work so well. The unique styles of illustration we can offer, range from near-photographic quality CGI illustration for properties, drawn off-plan, through light-hearted, witty caricatures to contemporary artist's impressions and exquisitely detailed fine pen & ink drawings.

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It is our firm belief that the web still has plenty of room for better design. With styles and trends changing faster online than anywhere else
where your company is represented, keeping your website up to date is essential. We combine fastidious creative flair with
meticulous programming and a wealth of online design experience, to ensure that your website works hard for your business.


Flipping-brilliant page-flip brochures!

Like Wildfire can ignite your brochure and bring it to life on the screen.

E-brochures, or catalogues, allow your company to display products and services in an engaging, interactive online format. The presentation is designed to be small enough to download quickly or view online offering everyone huge savings in print budgets. Now you just need to print what you will use - no more wasted paper! Page curl and other transition animation effects can be included to help guide your customers through new or existing products and services available. Your page-flip brochure can be linked directly to any website, allowing further traffic to be seemlessly re-directed to your website. Simply e-mail the brochure to existing customers and contacts, or make it available to download from your website. We can add this finishing touch to the brochure or catalogue we have in production.

Why not email your current brochure pdf to our design studio and we will send you a quote.

We can also convert any supplied multiple page PDF,
(even if we didn't originally design it).